Men's blogEssential Oils for Sex Drive: Increase Sexual Desire Naturally

Essential Oils for Sex Drive: Increase Sexual Desire Naturally

Preparing for a special evening encompasses more than just the moments of intimacy; it involves engaging in affectionate gestures like playful touching, warm embraces, sweet kisses, sipping champagne, and savoring oysters together. Furthermore, the enchanting aromas of essential oils for sex drive can play a crucial role in creating the perfect ambiance for romance.

Research indicates that the strategic use of essential oils for sex drive can significantly amplify arousal, particularly when their fragrances are inhaled before or during intimate interactions.

More than merely enhancing the ambiance, potent scents have the ability to elicit physical responses conducive to romance. For example, specific aromas have been shown to facilitate physical readiness for intimacy in men, while women with a heightened sense of smell may find their sexual experiences more satisfying. This evidence underscores the transformative power of essential oils in setting a romantic mood and enhancing sexual desire.

Essential Oils for Sex Drive

For ages, people have turned to the power of nature, using plants to enhance sexual desire, performance, and enjoyment. Despite the ancient wisdom, modern science has yet to fully unlock how essential oils might play a role in boosting one’s sex life.

While no essential oil is officially branded as an aphrodisiac, certain ones possess qualities that could lead to a more enjoyable sexual encounter.

Satureja Khuzestanica

Studies on male rats show that oil from Satureja Khuzestanica could increase fertility, sperm count, and even the number of offspring. However, it’s still a question mark whether it has the same effect on human fertility.

Essential Oils for Sex Drive
Studies on male rats show that oil from Satureja Khuzestanica could increase fertility

Ylang Ylang

Breathing in Ylang Ylang essential oil might just lift your spirits and fight off the blues. Some research shows that putting it on your skin can make you feel better about yourself.

Though there’s no direct proof linking it to enhanced sexual activities, its mood-boosting properties might indirectly spice up your love life.


There’s some evidence suggesting ginseng oil might kickstart the brain’s love chemicals, leading to better performance for men both in the animal kingdom and among humans.

Essential Oils for Sex Drive
There’s some evidence suggesting ginseng oil might kickstart the brain’s love chemicals

Eurycoma Longifolia

Also known as tongkat ali, this plant has shown promising results in making male rats more interested and capable in their sexual pursuits. It’s hailed as a strong aphrodisiac in Malaysia, but human studies are still needed to confirm these effects.


In Africa, men often consume the stem and root of carpolobia to tap into its oil as a pre-sex ritual to enhance their prowess. The science behind how it works for humans is still up in the air.


The calming aroma of lavender is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, leading to a state of relaxation. This relaxed state could potentially make your intimate moments even more pleasurable.

While exploring essential oils to enhance your sexual experiences, remember to use them safely. Always dilute essential oils before applying to the skin and consider any allergies or sensitivities. Creating a romantic ambiance with the right scent can be a gentle way to enhance intimacy and connection with your partner.

Essential Oils for Sex Drive
The calming aroma of lavender is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, leading to a state of relaxation

How to Use Essential Oils for Sex Drive

Essential oils are readily available online or at your local health store, offering a natural avenue to enhance the mood for intimacy. Here’s how to incorporate them into your romantic routine effectively.

Apply to Skin

Directly applying essential oils to the skin is a popular method, as it allows the oils to be absorbed and inhaled. Remember, essential oils are potent and should always be mixed with a carrier oil to avoid irritation. Avoid applying these oils to sensitive areas, including the genitals, even if diluted.

A sensual massage with diluted essential oils can be an intimate way to engage with your partner. This not only releases the fragrance of the oil but also stimulates blood flow and relaxes muscles. The power of touch is a well-documented aphrodisiac, perfect for setting the stage for intimacy and keeping the connection alive post-encounter.

Use Essential Oils for Bathing

Create a relaxing bath by mixing 3 to 12 drops of essential oil with an ounce of carrier oil before adding it to warm bath water. Stirring the water allows the oil to spread and the fragrance to fill the air. Whether you opt for a full-body soak or just a foot bath, this method can significantly elevate your mood. Be mindful to avoid contact with sensitive areas like your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Studies, especially those focusing on lavender oil, show that even a simple foot bath with essential oils can improve your mood.

Essential Oils for Sex Drive
Use Essential Oils for Bathing

Use an Essential Oil Diffuser

For those who prefer not to apply oils directly to their skin, diffusers offer a perfect solution. Whether it’s a machine-based or a candle-lit diffuser that warms the oil, or a more gradual release method like essential oil sticks, diffusers can envelop a room with your chosen scent.

This method is ideal for creating a romantic atmosphere without direct skin contact. However, be considerate of others who might be affected by the diffused oils, including children, pets, and pregnant individuals.

Experiment with different oils to find what best suits your and your partner’s preferences. Starting with less concentrated applications or diffusion can help you gauge the right amount and types of oils that enhance your mood without overwhelming your senses. Always prioritize safety and consent, ensuring any application or environmental change is comfortable for both you and your partner.

Are There Side Effects When Using Essential Oils for Sex Drive?

While essential oils can be a natural way to elevate your mood during intimacy, you must be aware of potential side effects. Not everyone reacts to essential oils in the same way and is susceptible to allergic reactions. To stay safe, always check the label and stay away from plant-based oils that you’re allergic to.

To reduce the risk of skin irritation, essential oils in concentrated form should never be applied directly to the skin. Instead, mix them with a carrier oil to dilute them. Avoid contact with sensitive areas, especially the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and genital areas to avoid causing discomfort or injury.

If you or your partner experiences any adverse reactions to essential oils, such as skin irritation or discomfort, act quickly. Remove the oil with warm water and soap to ease symptoms. Monitoring how your body reacts to these oils is key to safely incorporating them into your romantic routine.

Starting with a small amount of diluted essential oil and conducting a patch test on a less sensitive area of skin can help you gauge your reaction before full application. This precautionary step can prevent unwanted side effects and ensure a positive, comfortable experience. Remember, the goal is to enhance your intimate moments without compromise to your well-being.


The advantages of a healthy sex life extend far beyond pleasure, contributing to our overall well-being and adding excitement to our lives. Engaging in sexual activity can diminish stress levels and facilitate more restorative sleep. It enhances energy, aids in calorie burning, and combats signs of aging. Above all, it fosters a profound connection with your partner, embodying the ultimate form of intimacy.

Discussing your sexual desires openly, including any concerns regarding libido, can significantly improve understanding and satisfaction within your relationship. Transparent communication leads to a richer, more sensual, and intimate bond. Incorporating essential oils for sex drive into this mix can elevate the experience even further, highlighting the profound joy and intensity sex can bring to your relationship.

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