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Advertising Policy

As part of our commitment to delivering high-quality content, we accept advertisements on our website. Prioritizing transparency, this policy aims to instill confidence in the content and services we provide at Sure Life Health. While Sure Life Health welcomes advertising across all its sites, a strict separation is maintained between advertising and editorial content. For comprehensive details on how we distinguish advertisements and sponsored content, along with the guidelines they must adhere to, please refer to our Advertising Policy. Our focus is on incorporating advertising in a manner that enhances rather than disrupts your reading experience, considering both page design and the quantity of ads displayed on a page. Key points of our advertising policy include:

  1. Clear Separation: Sure Life Health maintains a distinct separation between advertising and editorial content.
  2. Identification: All advertising or sponsored content on Sure Life Health is unequivocally distinguished from editorial content through borders or other distinguishing elements. They are identified with labels such as “Ad,” “Advertisement,” “Sponsored,” or a similar designation indicating sponsorship.
  3. Labeling of Ads: Every ad on Blondebeauty.com.au is labeled as an “Ad,” “Advertisement,” “Sponsored,” or a similar designation, clearly signifying that the content is provided by or on behalf of the sponsor.
  4. Native Ads: Any “native” ads or paid content are also identified with labels like “Ad,” “Advertisement,” “Sponsored,” or a similar designation indicating sponsorship.
  5. Editorial Independence: Editorial content on Sure Life Health sites remains uninfluenced by advertisements, except in the case of sponsored content. In such instances, the content is distinctly demarcated and labeled with “Ad,” “Advertisement,” or “Sponsored,” or a similar designation, indicating sponsorship by an advertiser.

Our dedication to transparency ensures that you can distinguish between editorial and sponsored content, allowing you to make informed decisions while engaging with our platform.