Philips SH50/50 Series 5000 and Series 6000 Multi Precision Blades


The Philips SH50/50 Shaver Series 5000 Replacement Shaving Heads will make your shaver feel like new. The replacement heads are designed to help keep your shaver at its best to deliver superior shaving performance with every use. Engineered Lift & Cut dual action blades deliver a smooth and comfortable shaving experience. The first blade lifts the hair while the second comfortably cuts below skin level for extra smooth results without irritation. The head has an easy to replace design that clicks on and off to ensure the shaving head is placed properly (see below for full instructions).

Made compatible with Series 5000, 6000 and PowerTouch Shavers.

Made compatible with Series 3000 and Series 1000 Shavers.

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For best results, replace your Philips shaver parts every 18 months to maintain peak performance.

Easy to replace shaving heads
1. Open the shaver by pressing the “release” button;
2. Remove the retainer by turning the lock anticlockwise;
3. Take out the old shaving heads and carefully insert replacements; check that the heads align exactly in the setting;
4. Replace the retainer and secure it by turning the lock clockwise;
5. When you close the shaving head properly, you will hear it click into place.

  • Multi Precision blades with Lift & Cut Technology.
  • Delivers a progressively close shave without pulling or irritating the skin.
  • Easy to replace design with a simple click on/off mechanism.
  • Compatible with Series 5000,6000 and PowerTouch Shavers.
  • 1 x Philips SH50/50 Shaver Series 5000 Shaving Heads



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