Oral-B Smart 4 4900 Black & Pink Duo Pack of Electric Toothbrush Duo Pack (2 Handles)


From the brand that brought you the first ever connected rechargeable toothbrush, experience the Oral-B Smart 4 4900 and see how it can help improve your brushing habit, improve gum health and remove surface stains. This pack contains two handles for is ideal for couples.

Connect with the Oral-B app via your phone and allow the app to guide you with real time feedback for better brushing. While you improve your brushing routine, Oral B’s unique round head does the rest.

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This electric toothbrush removes up to 100% more plaque than a standard manual toothbrush for healthier gums and it starts making your smile whiter as of the first day of brushing by removing surface stains. The toothbrush also helps protect your gums with proprietary pressure control technology that reduces brushing speed and alerts you to be gentler if you are brushing too hard.

With the Smart Coaching you get from Oral-B Smart 4, 4900 toothbrush, you will improve your brushing habits and your oral health. No wonder Oral-B is the #1 recommended brand by dentists worldwide.

Oral-B Smart 4, 4900 electric rechargeable toothbrush is compatible with the full range of Oral B replacement toothbrush heads including Cross Action, 3D White, Sensi Ultrathin, Sensitive Clean, Precision Clean, Floss Action, Tri Zone, Dual Clean, Power Tip, Ortho Care.

This toothbrush comes with a UK 2-pin plug.

  • Oral-B’s round head contours to each tooth for cleaner teeth and healthier gums versus a standard manual toothbrush.
  • The built-in timer helps you brush for at least two minutes, the minimum brushing time dentists and hygienists recommend.
  • Pressure control reduces brushing speed and alerts you if you are brushing too hard.
  • This electric toothbrush features 3 brushing modes including daily clean, whitening and sensitive.
  • The Oral-B Pro 4 4900 has a state of the art Lithium-Ion battery to last more than two weeks with 1 full charge. Features UK 2 Pin Plug
  • 1 x Oral-B Pro 4900 Pink Electric Toothbrush Handle
  • 1 X Oral-B Pro 4900 Black Electric Toothbrush Handle
  • 1 Charger with UK 2 Pin Plug
  • 2 x Oral B Replacement Toothbrush Head



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