Braun 21B, 3 Series Replacement Shaver Head Cassette, Black


The Braun Series 3 Cassette 21B Replacement Head shaver replacement head is designed with a razor-blade and razor system for great shaving results.

The Braun 21B is compatible with the New and Old Generation Series 3 and cruZer shavers.
New 3 Series (3070cc, 3050cc, 3045, 3040, 3030, 3020, 3010 and 3000) old 3 Series (350, 350cc, 300, 310, 340, 320) and CruZer razor (CruZer 6 clean shave, clean shave CruZer 5)

For best results, replace your Braun shaver parts every 18 months to maintain peak performance.

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Shaver replacement parts – bring back 100% performance Would you believe that on average a man shaves the area of a football pitch in just 18 months? Braun shavers are very reliable. Nevertheless, the cutting parts (foil and cutting block) wear down with repeated use over time. As we said, over a year and a half it is estimated that your shaver will have shaved tan area the size of a football pitch. For this reason, to keep your shaver performing at its vest it is recommended to replace the foil and cutting block every 18 months.

Where can I find the type/model number? For the majority of the Braun products the model name or number is placed well visible on the housing. For some of them the model name/number will only be present on the packaging and instruction manual and not on the product itself. Should this information ever get misplaced, a four digit type number, which is imprinted on all Braun products, can be used to determine the appropriate part(s) for your product. The type or model number can usually be found in the following places on a Braun Shaver: On the back of the shaver, on the shaver housing under the cutterblock or under the long-hair trimmer.


1 x Series 3 21B Cassette Replacement Head


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