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Home Drug Testing Kits

At SureLife Health we are Ireland’s leading supplier of home drug tests to workplaces, healthcare clinics, pharmacies, and the home for concerned parents of teenagers. Our self screening kits are simple to use and allow for rapid screening for drug & substance abuse.

What is a home drug test?

Home drug testing kits are used by employers, in the workplace or parents who want to screen their employees or teenagers for the most common street drugs or substances. 

What drugs do they test for?

Home drugs test kits can test for the most common street drugs and substance abuse in Ireland.

How accurate is a home drug test?

Very. Home drug tests can be 95-99% accurate depending on a number of factors. 

Can home drug tests be wrong?

Yes. No test is a 100% accurate and there are are several factors that can make the test results negative even though the person is abusing drugs

What is a saliva home drug test?

A saliva drug test is a simple, quick screening for drugs in oral saliva. Oral fluid is collected by mouth swab and analysed for drugs and substances in the body. It is the most widely used drug test as it is ideal for random testing and can be taken anywhere. Salvia tests enable screening in a very short detection time period.

What is a urine home drug test?

A urine drug test is a type of diagnostic medical testing. A small amount of a person’s urine sample is tested for substances specified by the testing kit.

Can I test my teenager with a home drug test kit?

As a guardian or parent if you suspect a teenager is taking drugs or abusing substances, it is recommended that you seek medical professional advice. While home drug testing kits are suitable for all ages and detect the most common street drugs & substances, it is advisable that medical advice is sought.